Pre Arrival Information

Welcome to Sapporo!
We, at the Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido University, all look forward to your visit. Hope this site will help make your stay more enjoyable.

Access to Sapporo

There are three ways to get to Sapporo Station from New Chitose Airport:

1. JR Train1,070 yen36 min.
2. Public Buses1,030 yenAbout 90 min. (depending on the traffic and weather conditions)
3. Taxi About 12,000 yenAbout 1 hr (depending on the traffic and weather conditions)
(# For more information about the airport, please visit
JR train
The easiest and fastest way to reach Sapporo Station.
JR "Shin Chitose Kuko" Station is on the B1 level of the Airport Terminal Building.
  1. Go to the B1 level and follow the directions to the JR "Shin Chitose Kuko (New Chitose Airport)" Station.
  2. Buy your ticket by following the steps below:
    1. Put 1,000 yen bill and seven 10 yen coins (If you don't have exact amount, you will get change)
    2. Press the button that indicates 1,070 yen.
    3. Take the ticket (and change, if any).
  3. Pass through the ticket gate and get on the next available "Rapid Airport" train to Sapporo.
    # Keep the ticket until you reach your destination. If you lose it, you can't go through the ticket gates at Sapporo St.
  4. Get off at SAPPORO STATION (most passengers get off here).
    # Please be careful not to get off at Shin Sapporo, which sounds similar to Sapporo. It is one stop before "Sapporo".
    # Some train go further than Sapporo (e.g., Otaru). Please pay attention to the announcement (and the signs).
    # If you need to keep your ticket as a receipt, ask staff nearby to put a stamp on it, instead of going through the machine gate, which will eat up your ticket.
Public bus
There are also public bus services to downtown available. Please note, however, that the bus schedule can be greatly affected by traffic conditions, especially in winter. You can buy a ticket from a vending machine on the first floor (or go to the Information Desk for more information).
Hokuto Bus 1,030 yen The bus departs in front of ANA and JAL terminal (depends on flight arrival time).
Chuo Bus 1,030 yen The bus departs in front of ANA and JAL terminal (depends on flight arrival time).
# Chuo bus stops at Keio Plaza Hotel.

Currency Exchange

There are major exchange counters at the Chitose airport terminal.

How to get to campus

Hokkaido University compound

  1. After you get off the train, exit through the WEST GATE.
  2. Leave the Sapporo Station terminal by the NORTH EXIT and walk north along Nishi 5 jo street.
    *Campus is a 10- to 15-min walk from the Station.
  3. The Department of Mathematics is housed in Buildings #3 and #4(4th and 5th Floor). You can find the department's main office right in front of the elevator on the 3rd floor of Bld. #3.

# There is a coin locker available within the station (The fee is 300 or 400 yen...depending on your luggage size). 

JR Sapporo Station 1F

JR Sapporo Station 1F

Department Stores
PASEO10:00-21:00 (Restaurants 11:00-22:00)
DAIMARU10:00-20:00 (Restaurants 11:00-22:00)
STELA PLACE10:00-21:00 (Restaurants 11:00-23:00)
ESTA10:00-21:00 (Restaurants 11:00-22:00)

# ESTA features BIC CAMERA, a large-scale electronics store that occupies the 1st to 5th floors. There is also a 100-yen shop in the basement (all items for 100 yen...about $1.20).

JR Tower Observatory

Located on the 38th FL or 160 m above the ground, the Observatory offers a panoramic view of Sapporo.
Admission: 720 yen for adults.
Hours operation: 10:00-23:00 (last admission: 30 min prior to closing)

Clean & Beautiful Sapporo (Important notice for smokers)

Sapporo Anti-Littering Ordinance
*to be enforced starting August 1. 2005
*Penalties imposed starting October 1. 2005
The penalty fine for violating this ordinance is \1,000.

Clean streetscape promotion area & restricted smoking area

restricted smoking area

Do not litter cigarette butts, empty cans and/or other trash.

Dog owners must pick up their pet's droppings.

Do not smoke while walking in public places. lf fliers or other printed matter you have distributed are littered, you must collect them.

When you are in a restricted smoking area within a public place, do not smoke while walking or in areas where there are no ashtrays.