NSC Seminar A Theory of Phase Clustering and Models of Animal Gaits

2008-12-10 16:00 - 2008-12-10 17:00
RIES, Seminar Room 1-1
Prof. Yue Xian Li (University of British Columbia)
A phase-clustered state refers to a state in which neurons in a networkare grouped into phase-synchronized sub-clusters with fixed inter-cluster phasedifferences. Animal gaits are typical phase clustered states that we observein nature. For example, the two diagonal pairs of legs of a horse form twosynchronized clusters that oscillate at anti-phase when the horse is moving witha gait called trot. In this talk, I will present a theory for predicting the existenceand stability of most known animal gaits in a network of N weakly coupledneurons with heterogeneous coupling strengths that form n clusters. I thenpresent an example of how to use this theory to design a network of four coupledneurons that is capable of generating all typical quadrupedal gaits that occurunder distinct coupling configurations.