PDE seminar:Energy stable numerical schemes and simulations of two phase complex fluids on phase field method

2012-6-4 16:30 - 2012-6-4 17:30
Faculty of Science Building #3, Room 309
Xiaofeng Yang (University of South Carolina)
We present an energetic variational phase-field model for the
two-phase Incompressible flow with one phase being the nematic
liquid crystal. The model leads to a coupled nonlinear system
satisfying an energy law. An efficient and easy-to-implement
numerical scheme is presented for solving the coupled nonlinear
We use this scheme to simulate two benchmark experiments:
one is the formation of a bead-on-a-string phenomena, and the
other is the dynamics of drop pinching-off. We investigate the
detailed dynamical pinch-off behavior, as well as the formation of
the consequent satellite droplets, by varying order parameters of
liquid crystal bulk and interfacial anchoring energy constant.
Qualitative agreements with experimental results are observed.