PDE Seminar (2017/4/21): Eigenfrequencies of a thin non-uniform pillar-shaped elastic body, Albert Rodriguez Mulet (Hokkaido University)

2017-4-21 16:30 - 2017-4-21 17:30
Faculty of Science Building #3, Room 309
Albert Rodriguez Mulet (Hokkaido University)
The Lamé operator is an elliptic differential operator frequently used to describe the oscillation that take place in an elastic body. When we want to study the time-periodic ones, the second order differential equation can be simplified to the spectral analysis of the Lamé operator. In our case, we study the case of a thin elastic body such that it has its ends fixed and also such that each transverse section has a smooth shape. In particular we provide results about the order of the eigenvalues and also a description of the limit of both the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions as the domain gets thinner.