PDE seminar: On a tumour growth model with contact inhibition

2012-6-11 16:30 - 2012-6-11 17:30
Faculty of Science Building #3, Room 309
Hirofumi Izuhara (Meiji University)
In the embryogenetic stage of biological species, it is
said that proliferation of cells controls the size of
organs. In the cultivated cells, contact inhibition of the
proliferation is well known and when normal cells
come into contact each other, the proliferation is
stopped by sensing the pressure of cell density. This
phenomena are observed in many types of cells .
Recently, from the viewpoint of understanding of the
mechanism of contact inhibition between normal and
abnormal cells, Bertsch, Dal Passo and Mimura proposed
a two component reaction-diffusion model with
specific nonlinear-diffusion terms.
In this talk, we present a traveling wave solution arising
in the model as a special solution form. In particular,
in this model, there are two types of traveling
wave solutions, segregated and overlapped traveling
wave solutions, and we discuss the relation between
these traveling wave solutions.