PDE seminar: Blow-up of solutions to semilinear wave equations with non-zero initial data

2013-5-27 16:30 - 2013-5-27 17:30
Faculty of Science Building #3, Room 309
Kyouhei Wakasa (Hokkaido University)
In this talk, we consider the initial value problem for semilinear
wave equations with non-compactly supported data.
With the initial data of zero initial position, the solution
blows up for any power nonlinearity. This was first shown
by Asakura (1986) under the assumption that the spatial
decay is weak at infinity. On the other hand, Takamura &
Uesaka & Wakasa (2010) have obtained the blow up result
for non-zero initial position by making use of "timederivative
reduction".Our aim in this talk is to show the
blow up result when both the initial position and the initial
velocity do not identically vanish.This is a joint work with
Prof. M.A. Rammaha (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln),Prof. H.
Takamura (Future Univ. Hakodate) and Prof. H. Uesaka
(Nihon Univ.).