NSC seminar ”Collision of solitary waves in granular alignments” Edger Avalos (National Central University)

2010-4-23 16:30 - 2010-4-23 17:30
RIES(Seminar room1-1(1F))
Edger Avalos (National Central University)
"Collision of solitary waves in granular alignments"
Edger Avalos (National Central University)

Time 16:30-17:30
Place RIES(Seminar room1-1(1F))

abstract:The solitary wave in a granular chain of power-law contact force will be discussed. We will first present the basic processes associated with the generation of solitary waves in a granular chain. The problem of interaction of solitary waves with other solitary waves will be discussed with focus on the formation of secondary solitary waves. We will discuss the differences when solitary waves collide at the center and at the edge of a grain . The formation of the predicted quasi-equilibrium state will be next presented. Experimental evidence associated with formation of solitary waves and the generation of secondary solitary waves will be addressed.