Monday Analysis Seminar: C*-simplicity: from discrete to locally compact groups

2016-4-6 14:45 - 2016-4-6 16:15
Faculty of Science Buliding #3 Room 210
Sven Raum (Münster University)
In this talk I am going to describe the astonishing developments in and around C*-simplicity during the past 2 years. Aiming at a wide audience, I will gently introduce basic notions relevant to the subject and describe the topics history. After reviewing the breakthrough results of Kalantar-Kennedy and Breuillard-Kalantar-Kennedy-Ozawa on C*-simplicity of discrete groups, we'll change gears and consider in more detail my 2015's results on C*-simplicity of non-discrete groups. As we will see, this naturally leads us in to totally disconnected groups. We'll see on the one hand the first examples of non-discrete C*-simple groups and on the other hand we will discuss relevance of non-C*-simplicity results to representation theory.

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