Monday Analysis Seminar (2018/12/3) On convergence of elliptic operators on a Riemannian manifold

2018-12-3 15:00 - 2018-12-3 16:00
Faculty of Science Building #3 Room 413
Jun Masamune (Hokkaido University)
In this talk we study the asymptotic behavior of second-order uniformly elliptic operators on weighted Riemannian manifolds. We appeal to the notion of H-convergence introduced by Murat and Tartar. In our main result we establish an H-compactness result that applies to elliptic operators with measurable, uniformly elliptic coefficients on weighted Riemannian manifolds.
This is a joint work with Helmer Hoppe and Stefan Neukamm.

Different place and time.
After this lecture, Prof. Bosuwan will talk at Room 3-210 for 16:30-1800.
Monday Analysis Seminar