Monday Analysis Seminar: On a homogenization of symmetric Levy processes

2018-6-29 16:30 - 2018-6-29 18:00
Faculty of Science Building #3 Room 202
Toshihiro Uemura (Kansai University)
We will consider the homogenization problem of symmetric Levy processes through the convergence of the corresponding Dirichlet forms. Specifically, corresponding to the scaling of the "coefficient" of the Levy measure, the Mosco convergence of the Dirichlet form will be shown. This implies the convergence of the finite dimensional distributions of the Levy processes. Moreover, we will see that the Levy measure of the limit process is not the harmonic mean of "coefficients" but the average.

Place is changed: Science Building #3 Room 202
Different time and day of the week.
Monday Analysis Seminar