DCS seminar #4 Numerical investigation of an infinite cascade of sinks and basin

2010-5-12 16:30 - 2010-5-12 17:30
Faculty of Science Building #5 Room 302
Takayuki Yamaguchi (Hokkaido University)

If a one parameter family of two dimensional dissipative diffeomorphisms has a homoclinic tangency, there is an infinite cascade of sinks: a sequence of sinks accumulating to point of homoclinic tangency. Newhouse proved the coexistence of infinitely many sinks from these sinks. For Hénon map we calculated numerically the coordinates of an inifinite cascade of sinks and investigated the basins of these sinks. We show the estimation of the positions of these sinks and the numerical results satisfying power law.

DCS_poster_May12 (PDF file; 300KB)