SATO, Yuzuru

SATO, Yuzuru
Research Field
Applied Mathematics
Associate Professor
Research Institute for Electronic Science
Research Interest
Nonlinear dynamical systems, Complex systems
Research Activities

I study nonlinear dynamical systems and complex systems with interest in complexity of spatio-temporal chaotic dynamics. My current research are focused on random dynamical systems approaches to noise-induced phenomena, time-series analysis of dynamical systems with large degrees of freedom, and information theoretic analysis of spatio-temporal chaos. Applications of nonlinear dynamical systems theory to problems in information theory, computation theory, prediction and control, are also put in perspective.


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[2] Yuzuru Sato, Eizo Akiyama and James P. Crutchfield, “Stability and Diversity in Collective Adaptation,” Physica, D 210, p21-57, (2005).

[3] Yuzuru Sato, Makoto Taiji and Takashi Ikegami, “NP-completeness of kSAT and Multifractals,” Computer Physics Communications, 121, p51-53, (1999); Yuzuru Sato, Makoto Taiji and Takashi Ikegami, “On the Power of Nonlinear Mappings in Switching Map Systems,” Unconventional Models of Computation, Springer-Verlag, p234-247, (2000).

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