YORDANOV, Borislav

YORDANOV, Borislav
Assistant Professor
Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education
Research Interest
Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations
Research Activities

My research interests lie in the field of dissipative linear and nonlinear hyperbolic PDEs. The study of such equations has been inspired by theoretical physics. Indeed, hyperbolic equations arise in some of the fundamental
theories including general relativity, quantum field theory, electrodynamics, acoustics and elasticity.

My recent work concerns two problems: (1) global well-posedness for nonlinear wave equations with critical and supercritical damping and (2) asymptotic behavior for dissipative wave equations related to the so-called diffusion approximation of damped waves.


1. P. Radu, G. Todorova and B. Yordanov, The Generalized Diffusion Phenomenon and Applications, accepted in SIAM Journal of Math. Anal., 2015.

2. G. Todorova and B. Yordanov, On the Regularizing Effect of Nonlinear Damping in Hyperbolic Equations, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., 367 (2015), 5043-5058.

3. R. Ikehata, G. Todorova and B. Yordanov, Diffusion Phenomenon for Strongly Damped Wave Equations, J. Diff. Equations 254 (2013), 3352-3368.

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