MIYAO, Tadahiro

MIYAO, Tadahiro
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Research Interest
Mathematical physics, Functional analysis, Condensed matter physics
Research Activities

I am trying to clarify various mathematical structures behind physical phenomena in the condensed matter physics by applying and cultivating methods of functional analysis.

Papers:[1] T. Miyao, Ground state properties of the SSH model,
Journal of Statistical Physics, 149, 519-550, (2012).[2] T. Miyao and H. Spohn, Spectral analysis of the semi-relativistic
Pauli-Fierz hamiltonian,
Journal of Functional Analysis, 256, 2123-2156, (2009).[3] M. Loss, T. Miyao and H. Spohn, Lowest energy states in
nonrelativistic QED: atoms and ions in motion,
Journal of Functional Analysis, 34, 689-717, (2007).

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