HORA, Akihito

HORA, Akihito
Department of Mathematics
Research Interest
probability theory, functional analysis
Research Activities

I have made random walks around the frontier of probability and group representations. Having the notion of measures as the navigator, my walk often digresses in a random way. I am interested in bridging finite and infinite objects. The latest and biggest concerns of mine are analyzing probabilistic phenomena caused by the actions of huge groups.

Papers:1. A. Hora, T. Hirai, E. Hirai: Limits of characters of wreath products $S_n(T)$ of
a compact group $T$ with the symmetric groups and characters of $S_\infty(T)$. II. From a viewpoint of probability theory,
J. Math. Soc. Japan 60 (2008), no.4, 1187–1217.2. A. Hora, N. Obata: Quantum probability and spectral analysis of graphs,
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Springer, Berlin,
2007, xviii+371pp.

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