Workshop: Residues, Dynamics and Hyperfunctions

2017-7-24 - 2017-7-28
Faculty of Science, Bldg #4, 5F, lecture room 501
T. Ohmoto, N. Honda


This workshop surrounds Summer Institute
"Complex Analytic Geometry - Residures and Fixed Points"

It covers several topics such as
Complex dynamical systems,
Cech de Rham, Cech Delbeault, Bott-Chern (-Aeppli) cohomology theories,
Algebraic Analysis, Theory of Sato hyper functions, Singularity Theory, and so on.

For any inquiry, please email to organizers,
T. Ohmoto:
N. Honda:

Summer Institute: Lecturers
Prof. emeritus Tatsuo Suwa (Hokkaido)
Relative de Rham, relative Dolbeault cohomologies and their applications I-IV
Prof. Marco Abate (Pisa)
Residues, meromorphic connections and local holomorphic dynamics I-IV

Workshop - Time Table

Mon (July 24)
13:00-14:30 [SI] M. Abate I
14:45-16:15 [SI] T. Suwa I

Thu (July 25)
08:45-10:15 [SI] M. Abate II
10:30-12:00 [SI] T. Suwa II
13:30-14:30 [W] J. Raissy (Toulouse)
14:45-15:30 [W] K. Fujisawa (Hokkaido, Grd)
16:00-17:00 [W] D. Marti-Pete (Kyoto)

Wed (July 26)
08:45-10:15 [SI] M. Abate III
10:30-12:00 [SI] T. Suwa III

Thu (July 27)
08:45-10:15 [SI] M. Abate IV
10:30-12:00 [SI] T. Suwa IV
13:30-14:30 [W] S. Tajima (Tsukuba)
14:45-15:30 [W] D. Komori (Hokkaido, Grd)
16:00-17:00 [W] N. Honda (Hokkaido)

Fri (July 28)
09:30-10:30 [W] T. Kawahira (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
10:45-11:45 [W] T. Ueda (Kyoto)
13:30-14:30 [W] M. Abate (Pisa)
14:45-15:45 [W] T. Asuke (Tokyo)
16:00-17:00 [W] T. Suwa (Hokkaido)