• HONDA, Naofumi (Algebraic Analysis)
  • HORA, Akihito (probability theory, functional analysis)
  • MASAMUNE, Jun (My research interest is to investigate the relationships between the analytical and geometric properties of spaces such as Riemannian manifolds and graphs by analyzing the Laplacian, head kernels, Green functions, and Brownian motion on the spaces. The problems currently I am working on are to determine the selfadjoint extensions of the Laplacians, long-term behaviors of Brownian motion such as conservation ad recurrent property, and the Liouville property of harmonic functions applying the techniques from PDEs and Functional Analysis.)
  • HASEBE, Takahiro (Free probability)
  • HAMAMUKI, Nao (Partial Differential Equations)
  • KOBAYASHI, Masaharu (Harmonic Analysis)
  • MIYAO, Tadahiro (Mathematical physics, Functional analysis, Condensed matter physics)
  • TOMATSU, Reiji