Perspectives of Nonlinear Phenomena
in Random and Non-autonomous Dynamics

Date: 2017年9月28日(木)-29日(金)

Venue: 京都大学 理学部 3号館(数学教室) 127大会議室

Aim and scope of the workshop:

Random and non-autonomous dynamical systems theory has been extensively studied in mathematics and physics, based on the concepts for nonlinear stochastic phenomena, such as stochastic bifurcation, random attractors, and random invariant density. The aim of this workshop is to develop random dynamical systems theory and studies on nonlinear stochastic phenomena. The workshop will cover variety of topics, including dynamical systems theory, stochastic processes, ergodic theory, statistics, and statistical and nonlinear physics.


Workshop program:

Workshop program

Welcome reception and poster session:

(日時:9/27(水)18:00-20:30 / 会場:京都大学北部生協2階 / 参加費:教員4000円、学生2000円程度を予定。)
この懇親会兼ポスターセッションへの参加をご希望の方は,8/31までに 懇親会兼ポスターセッション登録フォームからご登録いただくか、
お名前, 所属, メールアドレス(さらにポスター発表をご希望ならタイトル)を角 sumi(AT) までご連絡ください。

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