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Yuzuru Sato

Yuzuru Sato obtained a Ph.D. in nonlinear physics and complex systems from the University of Tokyo. He received postdoctoral fellowships from RIKEN (2001-2002), and Santa Fe Institute (2002-2006). Since the year 2006 he is an Associate Professor at RIES / Department of Mathematics at Hokkaido university. Since the year 2013 he is an External Fellow at London Mathematical Laboratory in UK. His research is focused on problems in the field of nonlinear dynamical systems and complex systems. His recent works in progress are;

1. Chaos and complexity
2. Random dynamical systems and stochastic chaos
3. Phenomenology of nonlinear dynamics with large degrees of freedom
4. Time seties analysis


  • August 2019     Organizer, Theory of Random Dynamical Systems and Fractal Geometry, RIMS, Kyoto, Japan.
  • May 2019     Organizer, Workshop on Data analysis and machine learning in dynamical systems, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.
  • March 2019     Invited talk, CRITICS workshop, Imperial College London, London, UK.
  • March 2019     Organizer, Workshop on Random Dynamical Systems and Anomalous Dynamics, Imperial College London, London, UK.
  • September 2018         Invited talk, Dynamics Days Europe, Loughborough, UK.
  • March 2018     Invited lecture, CIMPA spring school, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • December 2017     Invited talk, Lorentz Center Workshop on Random Dynamical Systems, Leiden, Netherlands.
  • November 2017     Invited talk, Statistical and nonlinear physics colloquium at CNRS, Saclay, France, (November, 2017).
  • 25 Sept. - 29 Sept. 2017     Organiser, RIMS Workshop on Theory and Applications on of Random Dynamical Systems, Kyoto, Japan.
  • 17 Sept. - 22 Sept. 2017     Invited talk, Conference on Complex Systems, Cancun, Mexico.
  • 28 Aug. - 30 Aug. 2017      Invited talk, International Workshop on Anomalous Dynamics in Complex Systems: From Chaos on Nanoscales to Search in Biology, Tampere, Finland.
  • 6 June - 9 June 2017         Contributed talk, RIMS Workshop on Dynamical Systems Theory and Its Applications, Kyoto, Japan.
  • 22 May - 26 May 2017       Minisymposium organiser, SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical systems, Snowbird, USA.
  • 24 Apr. - 28 Apr. 2017       Organiser, Kyoto Dynamics Days: Random Dynamical Systems Theory and Its Applications, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan.

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Yuzuru Sato (Ph. D.), Associate Professor
Complex Systems Research Group, RIES / Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido University
Kita 20 Nishi 10, Kita-ku, Sapporo Hokkaido 001-0020, Japan
Phone/Fax: +81-11-706-9453, Email: ysato_at_math.sci.hokudai.ac.jp