Matroids, Reflection Groups, and Free Hyperplane Arrangements

11 (Mon) -- 15 (Fri) June, 2018 at RIMS, Kyoto University (Room 111).

Speakers (Tentative):

11 (Mon) June
9:20-10:20 , Luca Moci (Paris 7): Graded bialgebras and deletion-restriction invariants. PDF File
10:40--11:40 , Tan Nhat Tran (Hokkaido): Characteristic quasi-polynomial and its applications to root systems. PDF File
13:20--14:20 , Nobuki Takayama (Kobe): Contingency tables and hypergeometric polynomials associated to hyperplane arrangements. PDF File, data etc
14:40--15:40 , Michael DiPasquale (Oklahoma State University): Freeness of multi-arrangements via acyclicity.
16:00--17:00 , Daisuke Suyama (Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen University): Construction of bases for the extended Catalan and Shi arrangements.

12 (Tue) June
9:20--10:20, Toshiyuki Mano (University of the Ryukyus): Flat structure on the orbit space of a complex reflection group. PDF File
10:40--11:40, Gerhard Roehrle (Ruhr University Bochum): Freeness of multi-reflection arrangements for complex reflection groups.
13:20--14:20, Emanuele Delucchi (University of Fribourg): Stanley-Reisner rings for infinite symmetric simplicial complexes and applications to arrangements.
14:40--15:40, Mikiya Masuda (Osaka City University): Generic torus orbit closures in Schubert varieties.
16:00--16:30, Roberto Pagaria (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa): Combinatorics and Cohomology Algebra of Toric Arrangements. PDF File
16:30--17:00, Akiko Yazawa (Shinshu University): The Lefschetz property of an algebra constructed from a graphic matroid. PDF File

13 (Wed) June
9:20--10:20, Graham Denham (University of West Ontario): Arrangements, matroids, and CSM classes.
10:40--11:40, Simone Marchesi (IMECC-UNICAMP): Nearly free arrangements: a vector bundle point of view. PDF File
12:00--12:30, Takahiro Nagaoka (Kyoto University): Hypertoric varieties and hyperplane arrangements. PDF File

14 (Thu) June
9:20--10:20, Yasuhide Numata (Shinshu University): On naturally colored categories and functors.
10:40--11:40, Christin Bibby (University of Michigan): Supersolvable posets.
13:20--14:20, Delphine Pol (Hokkaido University): Subspace arrangements and Solomon-Terao formula.
14:40--15:40, Misha Feigin (University of Glasgow): Quasi-invariants and free multi-arrangements.
16:00--17:00, Kyoji Saito (IPMU): Free arrangements on the extended symmetric domain of type IV.

15 (Fri) June
9:00--10:00, Toshiyuki Akita (Hokkaido University): Coxeter groups, Coxeter quandles, and Artin groups.
10:20--11:20, Shuhei Tsujie (Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University): Freeness of arrangements associated to gain graphs. PDF File
11:40--12:40, Jean Valles (University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour): Lefschetz properties for Artinian rings and line arrangements.
12:40 -- 15:00 Free dicussion.

Abstracts: Program with Abstracts (PDF)
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