Masahiko Yoshinaga


Department of Mathematics,
Hokkaido University,
North 10, West 8, Kita-ku,
Sapporo, 060-0810,


email: yoshinaga [at]
(or: mh.yoshinaga [at]

Discrete Geometric Structure Seminar
  • Talk: Holonomic constants and the equality decision problem. Eighteenth International Conference on Computability and Complexity in Analysis 26 July, 2021.
  • We are organizing Arrangements in Lugano (27 June - 1 July, 2022, Lugano, Switzerland)
  • We are organizing Arrangements at Home IV (Zoom, 30 June - 2 July, 2021)
  • Preprint: (with Akihiro Higashitani, Tan Nhat Tran) Period collapse in characteristic quasi-polynomials of hyperplane arrangements. arXiv:2105.02367
  • Preprint: (with Sakumi Sugawara) Divides with cusps and Kirby diagrams for line arrangements. arXiv:2103.15262
  • Preprint: (with Kyosuke Higashida) Feynman graphs and Hyperplane arrangements defined over $\mathbb{F}_1$. arXiv:2103.15661
  • Preprint: (with T. Yoshida) What is $-Q$ for a poset $Q$? arXiv:2102.00566
  • Preprint: (with M. Tsukamoto, M. Tsutaya) $G$-index, topological dynamics and marker property. arXiv:2012.15372
  • Preprint: (with Daisuke Suyama) The primitive derivation and discrete integrals. arXiv:2009.13710
  • Talk: A q-deformation of Aomoto complex. 11 June 2020. Arrangements at Home II (Online)
  • Preprint: (with Kentaro Akasaka, Suguru Ishibashi) Finite record sets of chip-firing games. arXiv:2005.00822 (2020/05/06)
  • We are organizing 2020/06/23-07/03, (postponed) Arrangements in Fribourg
  • 2020/07/06-10, (CANCELLED) (Hokkaido Summer Institute + Workshop) Recent topics in metric spaces: magnitude and persistent homology (Lecturers: Hiraoka, Leinster, Willerton, others).
  • Talk: Quantum Math, Singularities and Related Topics, OIST, 2021/02/08-12 (schedule changed). ,

  • I am working in the following topics. (See Research Activity for details.)

    Dept of Math, Hokkaido University