Niigata Workshop on Complex Geometry and Singularities

Niigata, August 20-24, 2007

Organizers: Tatsuo Suwa (Niigata Univ., chair),
J.-P. Brasselet (IML),   K. Hasegawa (Niigata Univ.),
T. Ohmoto (Hokkaido Univ.),   S. Tajima (Niigata Univ.)

Venue: CrossPal Niigata    LOCAL MAP

Address: 3-2086 Ishizue-cho do-ri Niigata City 951-8055, Japan
(20 min. on foot, 5 min. by car from JR Niigata station)

Niigata prefecture    City of Niigata    Niigata University

Access: From Tokyo, Osaka

Urgent: [From Niigata to Toyama]
Because of the earthquake on July 16, there are no direct trains from Niigata to Toyama right now (it is blocked in the Kashiwazaki area) and it will not go through before the end of August. There are several possibilities to go from Niigata to Toyama by train. However, it seems that the best alternative transportation would be an express bus. There are two buses daily:

Niigatato Toyama
7:50 11:43

The price is 4,000 yen. It is necessary to make reservations and buy tickets beforehand. You may call 025-241-9000 for reservation. If you need help, please write to Suwa.

Program: TIME TABLE       Download:    Detailed Program (PDF)

Contact: Please email to Suwa, Hasewaga or Ohmoto;
fj2007secretariat (for Niigata and Toyama).

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