The workshop has been postponed.

---- The Twenty-seventh Shizuoka Meeting ----
on Geometry, Mathematical physics and Quantum theory

[Date] March 9-11, 2020

[Venu] Shizuoka University, C309, in Shizuoka

[Contact] Y.Machida E-mail: yomachi212@gmail.com

[Orgarizers] Y.Machida, M. Adachi, G. Ishikawa, M.Takahashi


Monday, 9 March

14:00--14:45 Hideki OMORI: First and second deformation quantizations of a contact manifold

14:55--15:40 Yusuke SAKANE: Existence and non-existence of Einstein metrics on compact homogeneous manifolds

16:00--16:45 Yoshihiko SHINOMIYA: Simple closed geodesics on hyperelliptic translation surfaces 

16:55--17:40 Kazuyoshi KIYOHARA: C-projective equivalence on Hermitian manifolds

Welcome Party

Tuseday, 10 March

9:30--10:20 Asato TSUCHIYA: Information geometry encoded in bulk geometry

10:30--11:20 Makoto KATORI: Zeros of the Gaussian analytic functions in the annulus

11:40--12:30 Hiroyuki OCHIAI: Product of hypergeometric functions


13:50--14:40 Hajime SATO: Geometric structures on space of null geodesics

14:50--15:40 Tohru MORIMOTO: Step prolongations of geometric structures: Cartan, Singer-Sternberg and Tanaka revisted

16:00--16:45 Toshikazu MIYASHITA: On inner automorphism of order 4 on the compact Lie group E_8

16:55--17:40 Toru UMEDA: Trinomial theorem for sl_2 and its applications

Middle Party

Wednesday, 11 March

9:30--10:15 Kazuyuki FUJII: From orthogonal distance squares method to machine learning

10:25--11:10 Junji SUZUKI: Ordinary differential equations/Integrable model correspondence

11:30--12:15 Kentaro SAJI: Geometric invariants of lightlike points of surfaces in Minkowski 3-space


13:35--14:20 Kazuhiko AOMOTO: Product of Hessins and discriminant of critical points of level function for hypergeometric integrals

14:35--15:20 Yoshinori MACHIDA: Twistor theory and Backlund transformations

POISSON Farewell Party