The Twenty-sixth Shizuoka Meeting
on Geometry, Mathematical physics and Quantum theory

[Date] 6th March 2019--8th March 2019

[Venu] Shizuoka University, C309, in Shizuoka

[Contact] Y.Machida E-mail: yomachi212@gmail.com

[Orgarizers] Y.Machida, T. Hosaka, M. Adachi, M.Takahashi


Wednesday, 6 March

14:00--14:45 Yasushi HOMMA: The kernel of the Rarita-Schwinger operators on Riemannian spin manifolds

14:55--15:40 Kentaro TOMODA: Curvature obstruction to the existence of isometry

16:00--16:45 Hideki OMORI: A new problem of patchwork for Weyl manifold

16:55--17:40 Shigeki MATSUTANI: On reconstruction of Abelian function of algebraic curves and degeneration of cyclic trigonal curves

Welcome Party

Thursday, 7 March

9:30--10:20 Kazuhiko AOMOTO: Holonomic difference equations, asymptotic expansion, critical points and resultants related to hypergeometric integrals

10:30--11:20 Takeo OHSAWA: Analysis and geometry related to the questions of analytic continuation

11:40--12:30 Tohru MORIMOTO: Principles of classical differential geometry

13:50--14:35 Toshizumi FUKUI: Local differential geometry of cuspidal edge and swallowtail

14:45--15:30 Yoshio AGAOKA: Classical invariant theory and differential equations for curves

16:00--16:45 Kazuyuki FUJII: Introduction to mathematical model for the control of cancer factor

16:55--17:40 Shin'ichi NOJIRI: Higher derivative quantum mechanics

Middle Party

Friday, 8 March

9:30--10:15 Makoto KATORI: Universality of determinantal point processes on Riemannian manifolds

10:25--11:10 Tetsuya HOSAKA: Introduction to the isomorphism problem for Coxeter groups and a geometric viewpoint II

11:30--12:15 Jin'ichi ITO: Reversing polyhedral surface

13:40--14:25 Masanori ADACHI: Ergodicity of geodesic flows on hyperbolic surfaces and hypergeometric funtions

14:35--15:20 Yoshinori MACHIDA: Twistor theory and Backlund transformations

POISSON Farewell Party