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We would like to express our sincere sympathy to all the people suffering from the 3.11 disaster and the Fukushima problem. The FJ2011 conference venue Fukuoka is on the Island of Kyushu, quite far (more than a 1,000 km) from Tohoku and Fukushima (not to be confused with Fukuoka). Life in Kyushu is completely normal and safe as before. However, as it appears that the number of participants might be smaller than expected, we have decided to hold only the FJ2011-Fukuoka and cancel the Kagoshima satellite section, which was originally planned to follow the Fukuoka conference.

The Franco-Japanese Symposium on Singularities has been held 5 times in the past 13 years:

1st FJ1998, Sapporo    2nd FJ2002, Marseille, Luminy    3rd FJ2004, Sapporo

4th FJ2007, Toyama-Niigata    5th FJ2009, Strasbourg

The 6th Franco-Japanese Symposium on Singularities (FJ2011-Fukuoka) is supported by

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We would also like to thank Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau for its kind assistance.