The department of Mathematics, Shimane University organized International Workshop on Potential Theory in Matsue, during August 23--28, 2004. See details.

The proceeding has been published from the Mathematical Society of Japan as a volume of the Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics (ASPM44) in July 2006.

Potential theory in Matsue.

Papers from the International Workshop on Potential Theory held at Shimane University, Matsue, August 23–28, 2004. Edited by Hiroaki Aikawa, Takashi Kumagai, Yoshihiro Mizuta and Noriaki Suzuki.
Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics, 44. Mathematical Society of Japan, Tokyo, 2006. xvi+413 pp.
ISBN 4-931469-33-7, MR2265403 (2007g:31001) 31-06 (35-06 60-06) , pdf


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