The 11th HU and SNU Symposium on Mathematics
- Mathematical Analysis and Applications -
as part of The 18th HU-SNU Joint Symposium



November 27, 2015
Room 27-220 & 27-323, Seoul National University
Nam-Gyu Kang (Seoul National University), Shin-Ichiro Ei (Hokkaido University)
Poster Session Organizers:
Seong-Mi Seo (Seoul National University), Satoshi Handa (Hokkaido University)
Program (as of November 17, 2015):
09:00 AMOpening Remarks
09:10 AMGen Nakamura
Applicable and mathematically rigorous inversion for active thermography
09:50 AMPanki Kim
Estimates of Dirichlet heat kernel for symmetric Markov processes
10:30 AMBreak
10:40 AMNao Hamamuki
An improved level set method based on comparison with a signed distance function
11:20 AMHun Hee Lee
Weak amenability problem of Fourier algebras
12:00 PMLunch Break
01:20 PMHiroaki Aikawa
Construction of a log Hölder-type domain which fails the global boundary Harnack principle
01:40 PMNam-Gyu Kang
Edge scaling limits of random normal matrix processes
02:00 PMKyouhei Wakasa
The lifespan of solutions to semilinear damped wave equations in one space dimension
02:20 PMBreak
02:30 PMSun Ho Kim
Tracial state on the Thue-Morse labeled graph C*-algebra
02:50 PMKazuyuki Wada
Ground states in a charged scalar field model
03:10 PMMin-Hee Kim
On the Pólya-Wiman properties of Di erential Operators
03:30 PMBreak
03:40 PMPoster Session
03:40 PMThe short self-introduction time (Room 27-220)
03:41 PMSatoshi Handa (HU)
03:43 PMEunhee Jeong (SNU)
03:45 PMKeita Hikita (HU)
03:47 PMJunkee Jeon (SNU)
03:49 PMKogo Yoshikawa (HU)
03:51 PMMinjung Gim (SNU)
03:53 PMTakaaki Minomo (HU)
03:55 PMHyoungsuk So (SNU)
03:57 PMShu Eto (HU)
03:59 PMJaeseung Lee (SNU)
04:01 PMMamoru Okamoto (HU)
04:03 PMHyerim Ko (SNU)
04:05 PMIkki Fukuda (HU)
04:07 PMSeong-Mi Seo (SNU)
04:10 PMThe Poster Session Opening (Room 27-323)
05:25 PMThe Poster Session Closing
05:30 PMReception