The 17th Northeastern Symposium on Mathematical Analysis



Execellent Poster Awards were given to the following young researchers:
  Takashi Kagaya (Tokyo Institute of Technology, D2)
  Tatsuhiko Miura (The University of Tokyo, M2)
  Kota Uriya (Tohoku University, PD)
  Kyouhei Wakasa (Hokkaido University, PD)

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Shuichi Jimbo (Hokkaido University)
Kazuhiro Ishige (Tohoku University)
Masaharu Kobayashi (Hokkaido University)
February 15 - 16, 2016
Room 310, Faculty of Science Building #7, Hokkaido University
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Monday, February 15, 2016
9:30- 9:40Opening
9:40-10:30Tadahiro Miyao (Hokkaido University)
Operator inequalities in condensed matter physics
10:40-11:30Noboru Chikami (Tohoku University)
Global solution for the Navier-Stokes-Poisson system in two and higher dimensions
11:30-13:00Lunch Break
13:00-13:30Naoto Nakano (Hokkaido University)
Error analysis of an inverse problem of a stochastic differential equation arising from an empirical modelling and its application
13:40-14:10Sungyong Park (Tohoku University)
Local well-posedness for 1d-NLS in the critical $\widehat{L}^{r}(\mathbb{R})$ space
14:40-15:00Mitsuo Higaki (Tohoku University)
Navier wall law for nonstationary viscous incompressible flows
15:00-15:20Daiju Funakawa (Hokkaido University)
Estimate of the degeneracy of the ground state in quantum field models
15:20-15:40Shoichi Hasegawa (Tohoku University)
Existence of a critical exponent for an Henon type equation on the hyperbolic space
16:00-17:50Poster Session
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016
9:40-10:30Chun Liu (The Pennsylvania State University)
Energetic variation approaches for non-ideal electrolytes
10:40-11:30Shinya Okabe (Tohoku University)
The two obstacle problem for the parabolic biharmonic equation
11:30-13:00Lunch Break
13:00-13:30Salomé Oudet (The University of Tokyo)
Hamilton-Jacobi equations for optimal control on network
13:40-14:10Tsubasa Itoh (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
The growth of the vorticity gradient for the two-dimensional Euler flow on a domain with corners
14:40-15:00Yuuki Kimura (Tohoku University)
Asymptotic profile of the solution to a linear thermoelastic equation
15:00-15:20Jin Takahashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Time-dependent singularities in a semilinear heat equation
15:20-15:40Hiroshi Wakui (Tohoku University)
Non-uniform bound and finite time blow up for solutions to a drift-diffusion equation in higher dimensions
15:40-16:00Poster Award Ceremony / Closing