Special Project
A minisemester on evolution of interfaces,
Sapporo July 12- August 13, 2010



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We are organizing various research seminars and tutorial lectures on evolution of interfaces. These activities are part of Research Projects ‘Development of Analysis on Evolving Pattern for Complicated Phenomena’ sponsored by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) (21224001) supported by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science as well as Research Center for Integrative Mathematics of the Hokkaido University. We welcome your active participation.

Y. Giga (Tokyo), H. Ishii (Tokyo), T. Funaki (Tokyo), Y. Tonegawa (Sapporo), R. V. Kohn (New York), P. Rybka (Warsaw)
Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido University
Intensive Activities:
(1) Symposium “Viscosity methods and nonlinear PDE”
July 21 -July 23, 2010
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(2) Tutorial Lectures and Interdisciplinary Conference “Mathematical Aspects of Crystal Growth”
July 26 -July 30, 2010
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(3) Tutorial Lectures and International Workshop “Singular Diffusion and Evolving Interfaces”
August 2 -August 6, 2010
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