Special Project
A minisemester on evolution of interfaces,
Sapporo July 12- August 13, 2010


Program : Tutorial Lectures and International Workshop “Singular Diffusion and Evolving Interfaces”

August 2 (Monday)
09:00-09:50 Registration
09:50-10:00 Opening
10:00-10:50 Giovanni Bellettini (Univ. of Rome Tor Vergata)
(Lecture I) Anisotropic perimeters: variational properties » PDF file
11:10-12:00 Jose M. Mazon (Univ. of Valencia)
(Lecture I) The total variation flow
14:00-14:50 Takao Nishikawa (Nihon Univ.)
Probabilistic models of interfaces and their scaling limit
15:10-16:00 Noriaki Yamazaki (Kanagawa Univ.)
Mathematical analysis of grain boundary motion models of Kobayashi-Warren-Carter type » PDF file
16:30-17:20 Jong-Shenq Guo (Tamkang Univ.)
Motion by curvature of planar curves with two free end points » PDF file
18:00-00:00 Welcome Party
August 3 (Tuesday)
10:00-10:50 Giovanni Bellettini (Univ. of Rome Tor Vergata)
(Lecture II) Anisotropic and crystalline mean curvature flow. Reaction-diffusion approximation. » PDF file
11:10-12:00 Jose M. Mazon (Univ. of Valencia)
(Lecture II) The total variation flow
14:00-16:00 Short Communications
16:20-17:10 Piotr Mucha (Univ. of Warsaw)
The notion of an almost classical solutions to the total variation flow and its usefulness » PDF file
August 4 (Wednesday)
10:00-10:50 Harald Garcke (Univ. of Regensburg)
The Stefan problem with anisotropic Gibbs–Thomson law » PDF file
11:10-12:00 William Allard (Duke Univ.)
Variational problems using total variation defined by noneuclidean norms » PDF file
August 5 (Thursday)
10:00-10:50 Giovanni Bellettini (Univ. of Rome Tor Vergata)
(Lecture III) Examples of facet-breakings in crystalline mean curvature flow » PDF file
11:10-12:00 Juan J. Manfredi (Univ. of Pittsburgh)
(Lecture I) A survey of p-harmonious functions in trees and in Euclidean space » PDF file
14:00-14:50 Ken Shirakawa (Kobe Univ.)
Phase transition models based on linear-growth interfacial energies » PDF file
15:20-16:10 Yen-Hsi R. Tsai (The Univ. of Texas at Austin)
Numerical methods for smooth and crystalline curvature flow » PDF file
August 6 (Friday)
10:00-10:50 Giovanni Bellettini (Univ. of Rome Tor Vergata)
(Lecture IV) Crystalline curvature flow of networks » PDF file
11:10-12:00 Juan J. Manfredi (Univ. of Pittsburgh)
(Lecture II) Random Tug-of-War games for the parabolic p-Laplacian » PDF file
14:00-14:30 James J. Feng (Univ. of British Columbia)
Diffuse-interface simulations of interfacial dynamics in complex fluids » PDF file
14:40-15:10 Yoshikazu Giga (Univ. of Tokyo)
Scale-invariant extinction time estimates for some singular diffusion equations » PDF file
15:20-16:10 Jose M. Mazon (Univ. of Valencia)
The Dirichlet problem for a singular elliptic equation arising in the level set formulation of the inverse mean curvature flow
16:10-00:00 Closing
【Short Communications】
14:00-16:00 August 3 (Tuesday)
1: Marina Chugunova (Univ. of Toronto)
Finite speed propagation of the interface and blow-up solutions in long-wave unstable thin-film equations » PDF file
2: Sarah Hormozi (Univ. of British Columbia)
Exotic flows in visco-plastic lubrication
» concen_pearl.mpg
» concentration_mushroom.mpg
» Japan_Interface.ppt
» strainrate_mushroom.mpg
» strianrate_pearl.mpg
3: Illia Karabash (Univ. of Calgary)
Optimal design for scattering resonances in photonic crystals
4: Masato Kimura (Kyushu Univ.)
On some generalizations of polygonal motions
5: Hiroshi Watanabe (Chuo Univ.)
BV-entropy solutions to nonlinear strongly degenerate parabolic equations » PDF file
6: Yoshihiro Tonegawa (Hokkaido Univ.)
Stable phase interfaces in the van der Waals-Cahn-Hilliard theory » PDF file
* Professor Moll unfortunately had to cancel the lecture.