Special Project
A minisemester on evolution of interfaces,
Sapporo July 12- August 13, 2010


Purpose : Tutorial Lectures and Interdisciplinary Conference “Mathematical Aspects of Crystal Growth”

A minisemester on the evolution of interfaces, Sapporo 2010

It is well-known that a precise analysis of evolving patterns and structures is not only mathematically interesting but also important for understanding complicated phenomena in science and technology. In this minisemester, we focus on surface evolution problems arising in materials science and image processing. Our goals are not only to solve mathematical problems but also to identify new mathematical questions and directions which will have impact on other disciplines. Therefore the minisemester will involve researchers with diverse backgrounds.

For applications in materials science, we need improved models and understanding of the many mechanisms by which crystals grow or evolve -for example the mechanisms by which steps and dislocations nucleate and move. These problems are key to the development of both theory and technology. New experimental methods permit us to go beyond the fundamental Burton-Cabrera-Frank theory, calling for improvement and extension of the theory. This interdisciplinary meeting will gather not only mathematicians but also experimental and theoretical physicists and material scientists working in this area. We hope to identify promising directions for future development, through the interaction of a diverse group of leading specialists.

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