RIMS meeting: Potential Theory and its Related Fields


Speakers are invited to contribute to the RIMS Kokyuroku Bessatsu. All papers are refereed.


The below (Nos. 1-4) is the instruction for the preparation of manuscripts.

1. The title and contexts need not be the same as that of your talk. Namely,
    announcement papers, resumes of previously published articles,
    survey articles, or original papers may be submitted.
    We also welcome articles which are scientifically meaningful
    but not suited for publication in ordinary journals because of its style;
    examples of such articles include articles which present seminal ideas,
    propose open problems, report failed attempts,
    explain the philosophy or experimental data that underlie one's theory, or
    discuss the prospects of one's theory.
    Thus almost no stylistic restriction is imposed, but your contribution will be
    refereed concerning its scientific value. Based on the referee's report,
    I may ask you to make some revision of your paper, or possibly reject its publication.

2. Please use the Latex document class ``rims-bessatsu.cls'' and
    follow the sample file: bessatsu.tex, bessatsu.pdf. These files can be found in


3. The length of the manuscript is up to 20 pages.

4. The deadline of submission is the end of January, 2013.
    The PDF file of the manuscript should be sent to Kentaro Hirata by e-mail:


    After the paper is accepted, we will ask you submission of the TEX file of
    the final version and the copyright transfer (which will be sent later).

If you have any question, please contact Kentaro Hirata.