RIMS meeting: Potential Theory and its Related Fields


Enryaku-ji and Ishiyama-dera

On September 5 (Wednesday) afternoon, we are planning to go to Mt. Hiei-zan and visit Enryaku-ji (Tendai temple) founded in 787. We may take Shojin-Ryori Lunch, Japanese traditional vegetable meal. We may also enjoy walking; if we are lucky, we might happen to see wild monkeys and deers.
We go down to Sakamoto on the Biwa Lake by cable car. If time allows, we visit Ishiyama-dera (Shingon temple) founded in 747. It is said that Murasaki Shikibu began to write the Tale of Genji at Ishiyama-dera in 1004. (http://www.otsucci.or.jp/genji/genji-story/english.html )
Admission Fee:
Enryaku-ji 550
Ishiyama-deta 500
Demachi Yanagi - Yase Hieizan Guchi: 260
Cable Yase - Cable Hiei: 530
Ropeway Hiei - Mt. Hiei: 310
Cable Enryaku-ji - Cable Sakamoto: 840
Keihan Sakamoto - Keihan Ishiyama-dera: 310
Keihan Ishiyama-dera - SanJou Keihan (downtown Kyoto): 540
Shojin-Ryori Lunch:
2,100 (Reservation by September 3 (Monday) is needed.)
Total Cost: 5,940