RIMS meeting: Potential Theory and its Related Fields



We organize the RIMS meeting: Potential Theory and its Related Fields, supported by the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS), Kyoto, Japan. People interested in Potential Theory and related fields are welcome to take part in the workshop. The workshop successfully finished with 70 participants. All speakers are invited to contribute to the proceedings.

September 3 - 7, 2012
Research Building No. 8 Lecture Room 2, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University
(No 59 of the map)
Kentaro Hirata (Akita) Chair
Jun Kigami (Kyoto)
Masaharu Nishio (Osaka)
Hiroaki Aikawa (Sapporo)
Invited Speakers: The following people will take part in the workshop and deliver a lecture:
Anders Björn (Linköping)
Mario Bonk (Los Angeles)
Tom Carroll (Cork)
Masanori Hino (Kyoto)
Atsushi Kasue (Kanazawa)
Bruce Kleiner (New York)
Kazumasa Kuwada (Tokyo)
John Lewis (Kentucky)
John Mackay (Oxford)
Thomas Ransford (Québec)
Eero Saksman (Helsinki)
Laurent Saloff-Coste (Ithaca)
Yoshihiro Sawano (Tokyo)
Nageswari Shanmugalingam (Cincinnati)
Tomas Sjödin (Linköping)
Eleutherius Symeonidis (Eichstätt)
Jeremy Tyson (Urbana-Champaign)