? MSJ-SI 2018

The 11th Mathematical Society of Japan (MSJ) Seasonal Institute (SI)
The Role of Metrics in the Theory of Partial Differential Equations




    Mihalis Dafermos (Princeton University / University of Cambridge)
    Black hole interiors and the strong cosmic censorship conjecture in general relativity

    Jean-Marc Delort (Université Paris 13)
    Long time existence results for Hamiltonian non-linear Klein-Gordon equations on some compact manifolds

    Sergiu Klainerman (Princeton University)
    On the mathematical theory of black holes

    Antonin Chambolle (CNRS / École Polytechnique)
    Anisotropic and crystalline mean curvature flows

    Charles M. Elliott (The University of Warwick)
    Variational, geometric and surface PDEs in cell biology

    Felix Otto (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig)
    Nonlinear partial differential equations and interfacial motions as gradient flow
Session A Gerhard Huisken (Universität Tübingen / Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach)
Mean curvature flow with surgery of embedded mean-convex surfaces in 3-manifolds

Sumio Yamada (Gakushuin University) / 山田澄生(学習院大学)
Constructing stationary solutions to the vacuum Einstein equation in 5 dimension

Mu-Tao Wang (Columbia University)
Quasilocal mass and isometric embedding

Gilbert Weinstein (Ariel University)
Harmonic maps with prescribed singularities and applications in general relativity

Toru Kajigaya (Tokyo Denki University) / 梶ヶ谷徹(東京電機大学)
Hamiltonian stability for weighted measure and generalized Lagrangian mean curvature flow

Norihiro Tanahashi(Kyushu University) / 棚橋典大(九州大学)
Separability of Maxwell equation in rotating black hole spacetime and its geometric aspects

Session B Piero D'Ancona (Sapienza - Universitá di Roma)
On the defocusing supercritical wave equation outside a ball

Kenichi Ito (The University of Tokyo) / 伊藤健一(東京大学)
Asymptotics of generalized eigenfunctions on manifold with Euclidean and/or hyperbolic ends

Wei-Min Wang (CNRS / Université de Cergy-Pontoise)
Time quasi-periodic solutions to the nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations

Yi Zhou (Fudan University)
Global instability of the multi-dimensional plane shocks for the isothermal Euler equations

Takahisa Inui (Osaka University) / 戍亥隆恭(大阪大学)
Global behavior of solutions to the energy critical nonlinear damped wave equation

Mamoru Okamoto (Shinshu University) / 岡本葵(信州大学)
Random data Cauchy problem for the energy-critical nonlinear Schrödinger equations

Session A Selim Esedoglu (University of Michigan)
Algorithms for motion of networks by weighted mean curvature

Seiro Omata (Kanazawa University) / 小俣正朗(金沢大学)
Free boundary problems of hyperbolic type with a focus on the free boundary conditions

Vanessa Styles (University of Sussex)
Stability and error analysis for a diffuse interface approach to an advection-diffusion equation on a moving surface

Richard Tsai (The University of Texas at Austin)
Volumetric extensions of variational problems defined on surfaces

Tatsu-Hiko Miura (The University of Tokyo) / 三浦達彦(東京大学)
Singular limit problem for the Navier-Stokes equations in a curved thin domain

Koya Sakakibara (Kyoto University) / 榊原航也(京都大学)
Numerical analysis of one-harmonic equation with values in matrix Lie group

Session B Soichiro Katayama (Osaka University) / 片山聡一郎(大阪大学)
Global existence and the asymptotic behavior for systems of nonlinear wave equations violating the null condition

Joachim Krieger (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
On stability of blow up solutions for the critical co-rotational wave maps problem

Ning-An Lai (Lishui University)
Weighted L2-L2 estimate for wave equation and its application

Jacob Sterbenz (University of California San Diego)
Global decay estimates for the wave equation on a curved background

Masahiro Ikeda (RIKEN /Keio University) / 池田正弘(理化学研究所・慶應義塾大学)
Blow-up of solutions to semilinear wave equation with a scaling invariant critical damping

Hayato Miyazaki (National Institute of Technology, Tsuyama College) / 宮崎隼人(津山工業高等専門学校)
The initial value problem for the generalized KdV equation with low degree of non-linearity

Session A Kazuo Akutagawa (Chuo University) / 芥川和雄(中央大学)
Edge-cone Einstein metrics and Yamabe metrics

Akito Futaki (Tsinghua University ) / 二木昭人(清華大学)
Geometric nonlinear problems and GIT stability through moment maps

Matteo Novaga (Università di Pisa)
Evolution by curvature of planar networks

Yoshihiro Tonegawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology) / 利根川吉廣(東京工業大学)
Existence theorem for brakke flow

Shouhei Honda (Tohoku University) / 本多正平(東北大学)
Recent developments on metric measure spaces with Ricci bounds from below

Kelei Wang (Wuhan University)
Simons cone and saddle solutions of the Allen-Cahn equation

Session B Makoto Nakamura (Yamagata University) / 中村誠(山形大学)
On some effects of background metrics for several partial differential equations

Yuichiro Sekiguchi (Toho University) / 関口雄一郎(東邦大学)
Numerical relativity : generating space-time on computers

Hiroyuki Takamura (Tohoku University) / 高村博之(東北大学)
Multipliers on the wave-like blow-up for nonlinear damped wave equations

Karen Yagdjian (The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley)
A novel integral transform approach to solving hyperbolic equations in the curved spacetimes

Takiko Sasaki (Meiji University) / 佐々木多希子(明治大学)
The blow-up curve of solutions for semilinear wave equations with Dirichlet boundary conditions in one space dimension

Yuusuke Sugiyama (The University of Shiga Prefecture) / 杉山裕介(滋賀県立大学)
Global existence and degeneracy in finite time for 1D quasilinear wave equations

Session A Katsuyuki Ishii (Kobe University) / 石井克幸(神戸大学)
Convergence of an algorithm for mean curvature flow

Yoshihito Kohsaka (Kobe University) / 高坂良史(神戸大学)
On the dynamics for the volume-preserving geometric flows

Miyuki Koiso (Kyushu University) / 小磯深幸(九州大学)
Uniqueness problem for closed non-smooth hypersurfaces with constant anisotropic mean curvature

Neshan Wickramasekera (University of Cambridge)
Regularity of minimal and CMC stable hypersurfaces

Qing Liu (Fukuoka University) / 柳青(福岡大学)
Large exponent behavior of power curvature flow and applications

Session B Sanjeeva Balasuriya (The University of Adelaide)
Stochastic sensitivity of finite-time Lagrangian motion

Elliott Ginder (Meiji University)
Approximation methods for oscillatory and constrained interfacial dynamics

Masaharu Taniguchi (Okayama University) / 谷口雅治(岡山大学)
Multidimensional traveling fronts in reaction-diffusion equations

Petrus van Heijster (Queensland University of Technology)
Pinned localised solutions in a heterogeneous three-component FitzHugh-Nagumo model

Bronwyn Hajek (University of South Australia)
Analytical solutions of nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations in various coordinate systems

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