The 11th Mathematical Society of Japan (MSJ) Seasonal Institute (SI)
The Role of Metrics in the Theory of Partial Differential Equations




    Mihalis Dafermos (Princeton University / University of Cambridge)

    Jean-Marc Delort (Université Paris 13)
    Long time existence results for Hamiltonian non-linear Klein-Gordon equations on some compact manifolds

    Sergiu Klainerman (Princeton University)

    Antonin Chambolle (CNRS / École Polytechnique)
    Anisotropic and Crystalline mean curvature flows

    Charles M. Elliott (The University of Warwick)

    Felix Otto (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig)
Session A Gerhard Huisken (Universität Tübingen / Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach)

Sumio Yamada (Gakushuin University) / 山田澄生(学習院大学)
Constructing Stationary Solutions to the Vacuum Einstein Equation in 5 dimension

Mu-Tao Wang (Columbia University)
Quasilocal mass and isometric embedding

Gilbert Weinstein (Ariel University)
Harmonic maps with prescribed singularities and applications in general relativity

Toru Kajigaya (Tokyo Denki University) / 梶ヶ谷徹(東京電機大学)
Hamiltonian stability for weighted measure and generalized Lagrangian mean curvature flow

Norihiro Tanahashi(Kyushu University) / 棚橋典大(九州大学)
Separability of Maxwell equation in rotating black hole spacetime and its geometric aspects

Session B Piero D'Ancona (Sapienza - Universitá di Roma)

Kenichi Ito (The University of Tokyo) / 伊藤健一(東京大学)
Asymptotics of generalized eigenfunctions on manifold with Euclidean and/or hyperbolic ends

Wei-Min Wang (CNRS / Université de Cergy-Pontoise)
Time quasi-periodic solutions to the nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations

Yi Zhou (Fudan University)
Global instabilty of 1-D Riemann problem for the 2-D isothermal compressible Euler equations

Takahisa Inui (Osaka University) / 戍亥隆恭(大阪大学)
Global behavior of solutions to the energy critical nonlinear damped wave equation

Mamoru Okamoto (Shinshu University) / 岡本葵(信州大学)
Random data Cauchy problem for the energy-critical nonlinear Schrödinger equations

Session A Selim Esedoglu (University of Michigan)

Seiro Omata (Kanazawa University) / 小俣正朗(金沢大学)
Free boundary problems of hyperbolic type with a focus on the free boundary conditions

Vanessa Styles (University of Sussex)
Stability and error analysis for a diffuse interface approach to an advection-diffusion equation on a moving surface

Richard Tsai (The University of Texas at Austin)

Tatsu-Hiko Miura (The University of Tokyo) / 三浦達彦(東京大学)
Singular limit problem for the Navier-Stokes equations in a curved thin domain

Koya Sakakibara (Kyoto University) / 榊原航也(京都大学)
Numerical analysis of one-harmonic equation with values in matrix Lie group

Session B Soichiro Katayama (Osaka University) / 片山聡一郎(大阪大学)
Global existence and the asymptotic behavior for systems of nonlinear wave equations violating the null condition

Joachim Krieger (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

Ning-An Lai (Lishui University)
Weighted L2-L2 estimate for wave equation and its application

Jacob Sterbenz (University of California San Diego)
Global decay estimates for the wave equation on a curved background

Masahiro Ikeda (RIKEN /Keio University) / 池田正弘(理化学研究所・慶應義塾大学)

Hayato Miyazaki (National Institute of Technology, Tsuyama College) / 宮崎隼人(津山工業高等専門学校)
The initial value problem for the generalized KdV equation with low degree of non-linearity

Session A Kazuo Akutagawa (Chuo University) / 芥川和雄(中央大学)
Edge-cone Einstein metrics and Yamabe metrics

Akito Futaki (Tsinghua University ) / 二木昭人(清華大学)
Geometric nonlinear problems and GIT stability through moment maps

Matteo Novaga (Università di Pisa)
Evolution by curvature of planar networks

Yoshihiro Tonegawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology) / 利根川吉廣(東京工業大学)

Shouhei Honda (Tohoku University) / 本多正平(東北大学)
Recent developments on metric measure spaces with Ricci bounds from below

Kelei Wang (Wuhan University)
Simons cone and saddle solutions of the Allen-Cahn equation

Session B Makoto Nakamura (Yamagata University) / 中村誠(山形大学)
On some effects of background metrics for several partial differential equations

Yuichiro Sekiguchi (Toho University) / 関口雄一郎(東邦大学)
Numerical relativity : generating space-time on computers

Hiroyuki Takamura (Tohoku University) / 高村博之(東北大学)
Multipliers on the wave-like blow-up for nonlinear damped wave equations

Karen Yagdjian (The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley)
A novel integral transform approach to solving hyperbolic equations in the curved spacetimes

Takiko Sasaki (Meiji University) / 佐々木多希子(明治大学)
The blow-up curve of solutions for semilinear wave equations with Dirichlet boundary conditions in one space dimension

Yuusuke Sugiyama (The University of Shiga Prefecture) / 杉山裕介(滋賀県立大学)
Global existence and degeneracy in finite time for 1D quasilinear wave equations

Session A Katsuyuki Ishii (Kobe University) / 石井克幸(神戸大学)
Convergence of an algorithm for mean curvature flow

Yoshihito Kohsaka (Kobe University) / 高坂良史(神戸大学)
On the dynamics for the volume-preserving geometric flows

Miyuki Koiso (Kyushu University) / 小磯深幸(九州大学)
Uniqueness problem for closed non-smooth hypersurfaces with constant anisotropic mean curvature

Neshan Wickramasekera (University of Cambridge)

Qing Liu (Fukuoka University) / 柳青(福岡大学)
Large exponent behavior of power curvature flow and applications

Session B Sanjeeva Balasuriya (The University of Adelaide)
Stochastic sensitivity of finite-time Lagrangian motion

Elliott Ginder (Meiji University)
Approximation methods for oscillatory and constrained interfacial dynamics

Masaharu Taniguchi (Okayama University) / 谷口雅治(岡山大学)
Multidimensional traveling fronts in reaction-diffusion equations

Petrus van Heijster (Queensland University of Technology)
Pinned localised solutions in a heterogeneous three-component FitzHugh-Nagumo model

Bronwyn Hajek (University of South Australia)
Analytical solutions of nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations in various coordinate systems

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