The 6th Pacific RIM Conference on Mathematics 2013


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Registration Desk will be open from 15:00 to 17:30 on June 30 as well as July 1 - July 5 at Sapporo Convention Center.

July 1 (Mon.) - July 5 (Fri.), 2013
Sapporo Convention Center
Sapporo City, Japan 003-0006
TEL: +81-11-817-1010
Yoshikazu Giga (University of Tokyo), Keizo Yamaguchi (Hokkaido University)
Local Organizers:
Shuichi Jimbo (Hokkaido University), Hiroaki Terao (Hokkaido University)
Plenary lecturers
Weixiao Shen (Singapore)Abstract
On Stability of One-Dimensional Dynamics
Hideo Tamura (Okayama)Abstract
Aharonov-Bohm effect in resonances of magnetic Schrödinger operators in two dimensions
Alan Carey (Canberra)Abstract
Geometric Cycles and D-Branes
Yoshio Sone (Kyoto)Abstract
Fluid-dynamic-type equations derived from the Boltzmann equation for small Knudsen numbers and their boundary conditions
Russel Caflisch (Los Angeles)Abstract
From Natural Science to Information Science and Back
Izumi Takagi (Sendai)Abstract
Point-condensation phenomenon in a reaction-di usion system: geometry of domain vs. heterogeneity of media
Ben Andrews (Canberra)Abstract
Minimal and Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces in the Three-Sphere:Brendle's Proof of the Lawson Conjecture
Jongil Park (Seoul)Abstract
The geography problems of 4-manifolds
Doron Lubinsky (Atlanta)Abstract
Pushing Polynomial Reproducing Kernels to their Non-polynomial Limit
Toshitake Kohno (Tokyo)Abstract
Quantum symmetry in homological representations of braid groups and hypergeometric integrals
Bill Barton (Auckland)Abstract
Being like Sakamoto Hayato: Lecturers as professionals
Yujiro Kawamata (Tokyo)Abstract
Derived categories in algebraic geometry
Supported by
JSPS JSPS through Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research and Grant for International Scientific Meetings in Japan
Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation
RCIM Research Center for Integrative Mathematics, Hokkaido University