Workshop on Shimura varieties, representation theory and related topics, 2019

2019年   7月 15日 ~ 2019年   7月 19日
理学部4号館5階 4-501

Charlotte Chan (Princeton University)
 Flag varieties and representations of p-adic groups

Masataka Chida (Tokyo Denki University)
 Special values of p-adic L-functions on Shimura curves over totally real fields

Jessica Fintzen (University of Michigan)
 Representations of p-adic groups

Atsushi Ichino (Kyoto University)
 The automorphic discrete spectrum of Mp(4)

Tetsushi Ito (Kyoto University)
 Updates on the Tate conjecture for products of two K3 surfaces over finite fields

Christian Johansson (University of Gothenburg)
 A vanishing theorem for Hodge type Shimura varieties at infinite Γ1-level

Kai-Wen Lan (University of Minnesota)
 De Rham comparison and Poincaré duality for rigid varieties

Wen-Wei Li (Peking University)
 On some regular holonomic D-modules in harmonic analysis

Yifeng Liu (Yale University)
 Arithmetic level raising for unitary groups and Beilinson-Bloch-Kato conjecture

Masao Oi (Kyoto University)
 Towards the twisted endoscopic character relation for regular supercuspidal representations

Yasuhiro Oki (The University of Tokyo)
 On supersingular loci of Shimura varieties for quaternion unitary groups of degree 2

Timo Richarz (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
 Cohen-Macaulayness of parahoric local models

Koji Shimizu (University of California, Berkeley)
 p-adic local systems in p-adic geometry

Sug Woo Shin (University of California, Berkeley)
 On certain supercuspidal types

Miyu Suzuki (Kyoto University)
 On some distinguished representations and base change lift for unitary groups

Ting Xue (The University of Melbourne)
 Character sheaves for graded Lie algebras

Sho Yoshikawa (Gakushuin University)
 Modularity of elliptic curves over certain totally real fields