JUSUP, Marko(マルコ ユスップ)

JUSUP, Marko
Applied Mathematics

Research based on an integrative global perspective has the potential to address the problems of practical significance for societies. The specific problems addressed in my research have quite diverse origins, ranging from ecology to biology to social sciences and even economics. Yet, when translated into the universal language of mathematics, the principles and processes underlying all these problems attain a similar form. Recognizing this form by means of the mathematical translations (i.e. models) of complex real-world phenomena and inferring the consequent dynamic properties is at the heart of analyses that I am conducting at Research Institute for Electronic Science (RIES) in collaboration with colleagues from Japan and internationally.

In summary, the overall aim of my research is to formulate the mathematical models of complex ecological, biological, social, and economic phenomena and analyze their dynamic properties. Special emphasis is put on finding the solutions of practical significance for society and global community.

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