The “partner institute” does not necessarily mean that the university (or the department) systematically and officially accepts ITP visitors. We use the term “partner institute” in the following sense as well: the institute accepts ITP visitors based on personal connections between the faculty members at Hokkaido University and those at the “partner institute”

North America & South AmericaEuropeAsia
[North America & South America]
Indiana University (Bloomington, USA)
Mathematics Department
MSRI (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute), University of California, Berkeley (US)
I visited MSRI and attended a international conference “Exterior Differential Systems and the Method of Equivalence” as one of the ITP projects in May 2008. It was very well-organized and significant. In the conference, Professor Phillip Griffiths gave a colloquium talk of the department of mathematics on exterior differential systems at Evance hall which is on campus of University of California, Berkeley (UCB).
MSRI is located on a hill, and you can take a shuttle bus (Hill Shuttle) from Evance Hall. The campus itself is located in the northern area of Berkeley city, which takes about 30 min. by the train BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) from San Francisco city and 50 min. from San Francisco International Airport (SFO). You can see the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco from MSRI when the weather is nice.
MSRI is founded by Professor Calvin Moore, Professor Shiing-Shen Chern and Professor I. M. Singer. The current director of MSRI is Professor Robert Bryant, who is also a professor of the Department of Mathematics of UCB. At MSRI, several special programs on specified topics are planned each year, as well as many workshops. MSRI is one of the best places to stay and find research topics, in particular for young mathematicians.
Visit also the website:
of the Department of Mathematics of UCB, which has close relation to MSRI. (Goo Ishikawa )
New York University (US)
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University is a legendary center of applied mathematics. It is well-known for research on partial differential equations with applications to fluid dynamics, mathematical biology, materials science, statistical mechanics, mathematical finance and many others. (Yoshihiro TONEGAWA)
UCLA (Los Angeles, California, US)
UCLA01UCLA02UCLA Department of Mathematics is the world-class center of mathematics with well over 100 faculty members and it boasts a number of world top level researchers. Frequent international meetings at Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) cover wide range of topics from pure to applied mathematics. (Yoshihiro TONEGAWA)
University of São Paulo (São Paulo, Brasil)
SaoCarlosSaoCarlosInstitute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences in the University of Sã Paulo is in Sã Carlos, in the state of Sã Paulo. Sã Carlos is a middle-sized city with good public security which is different from large cities in Brazil. There are many immigrants from Japan in Sã Paulo, and their earnestness has gained trust from other people. From this reason, it can be said that it is a comfortable city for Japanese students to stay. The main research field of this research center is singularity, differential equations etc. (Shyuichi IZUMIYA)
Pennsylvania State University
Department of Mathematics :
The University of Maryland (College Park, USA)
Department of Mathematics, IPST
University of Michigan
Department of Mathematics :
Utah State University (Logan, USA)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Durham University (England UK)
DurhamCastleDurham University has a long history comparable to the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, and it holds students with high scholastic standing in Britain after those two universities. Durham City is in the northeastern area of England with population of 50,000, and the number of students makes up 20% of this population. Durham Cathedral, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is in the center of this city, and a castle next to the cathedral is one of the halls of residence of this university. Foundation of the cathedral was the origin of this city, and it is surrounded by forests and rivers, providing good environment for researchers. However, there is one drawback of this place: it costs a lot to live. (Shyuichi IZUMIYA, Photo: Durham Castle)
Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics (Warsaw, Poland)
PolandThe level of mathematics in Poland is very high as it is the country that produced numbers of great mathematicians such as Stefan Banach (“Banach Space”) and Waclaw Sierpinski (“Sierpinski Carpet”). The Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IM PAN), among others, is the best mathematical institute in Poland. A lot of researchers visit this institute from all over the world, and international conferences on various fields of mathematics are held almost every week at the Banach Center which is a part of IM PAN. I have visited this institute many times, and these visits enabled me to enhance the quality of my researches. IM PAN is the one of the best institute to stay for young mathematicians in particular, to find their own mathematics. This institute has PhD training courses and Monographs courses, and also there is one of the best library in Europe with approximately 700 different current mathematical journals. Please visit the website of IM PAN for more information. (Goo Ishikawa )
University of Leipzig (Germany)
Faculty for Mathematics and Computer Sciences
The University of Liverpool (Liverpool, England UK)
The name of the city “Liverpool” may make you think of the Beatles as it was the birthplace of this band, or the Titanic as it was the departure point of this luxurious ocean liner. However, let me mention that this city is also well-known for the University of Liverpool.
For instance, in my research field, singularity theory, the Department of Mathematical Sciences in this university is one of the leading institute in the world. I visited a great mathematician in this department, Professor C.T.C. Wall, to research singularity theory in 1985 and stayed there for 10 months. I believe that my experience in Liverpool was very important to enhance the quality of my mathematical researches. Currently, there are many researchers on singularity, such as, Professor Giblin, Professor Gorynov, Professor Zakalyukin and so on, making Liverpool as one of the best research centers of this field. Other than singularity theory, there are many high-leveled mathematicians researching various other fields of mathematical sciences in this department.
Visit the website:
and find mathematicians researching fields that are related to yours. (Goo Ishikawa )
University of Grenoble I (France)
Institut Fourier :
University of Provence
Centre of Mathematics and Informatics :
University of Trieste
Department of Mathematics and Informatics :
University of Valencia (Valencia, Spain)
ValenciaUnivValencia City is located in the northwestern area of Spain and it is the 3rd largest city in this country. The climate of this city is mild as it is facing to the Mediterranean Sea, and a famous festival called “Las Fellas” is held every year in March. There is delicious seafood, and a famous Spanish dish called paella is from this area. The public safety is better than other large cities in Spain, making it comfortable place to live in. University of Valencia has a history of approximately 500 years, and its main campus is in the center of the Old Quarter. The College of Mathematics is located in the new campus in a city called Burjassot which is next to Valencia City, and it is divided into several departments such as algebra, geometry and topology, mathematical analysis etc. (Shyuichi IZUMIYA)
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Fudan University
Department of Mathematics :
Korea Institute for Advanced Study
School of Mathematics :
National University of Singapore
Department of Mathematics :
Nanyang Technological University
Division of Mathematical Sciences :
National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
SaoCarlosSaoCarlosNational Taiwan University in Taipei is the most prestigious university in Taiwan. Department of Mathematics established a research center named Taida Institute of Mathematical Sciences from Jan. 2007 which functions as the focal point of research and education activities with many oversea visitors. Particular emphasis is on partial differential equations and differential geometry. (Yoshihiro TONEGAWA)
Seoul National University
Department of Mathematical Sciences :