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Call for applications for ITP fellows (to visit partner institutes in FY2012)

“The international sending-elevating project for young mathematicians based on singularity, topology and mathematical analysis: Hokudai model” (from FY2008 to FY2012) was chosen as one of the JSPS International Training Program (ITP) which is operated by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

This program is designed to send young researchers (master and doctoral students, post-docs, assistant professors etc.) to the partner institutes. (Since singularity, topology and mathematical analysis are considered as universal notions/methods in our program, all young researchers in every fields of mathematics in our department are eligible to apply.)

Please visit the following website for details of this program:

Details of this call are as follows:

♦ Long-term (one month or more, up to about one year):
To attend a special year or a special semester, for joint research with a researcher at a partner institute etc. (2 month or more stay is preferred)
♦ Short-term (less than one month):
To attend symposiums etc that are jointly planned by the ITP program, or to prepare for the long term visit in the following year.
— Institutes to visit/stay need to be chosen from the list of partner institutes. ITP fellows will receive travel and local expenses (based on the actual expenses). Also, there are some duties they need to do (details are here).

Application procedure: Email Ms. Oita (oita(at) by January 16, 2012.
Application should include: name of the institute you wish to stay, name of the possible supervisor at a partner institute, length you wish to stay (approximately) Early applications are appreciated.
♦ Graduate Students
Graduate students who wish to apply need to talk to supervisors first, then contact possible supervisors at partner institutes in order to be able to apply.
♦ Researchers (who has doctor's degrees)
Researchers who wish to apply need to contact possible supervisors at partner institutes first, then talk to supervisors at Hokkaido University in order to be able to apply.

— Applicants are asked to submit several documents after the application. Details will be notified later. (Interim list of the documents (no required format): 1. List of research achievements, 2. Research plans, 3. Plan for the stay at a partner institute, 4. Status of progress of the contact between applicant and partner institute, 5. Recommendation letter from your supervisor at Hokkaido University

New ITP fellows will be chosen after documentary examination and interview (long-term only) by the ITP Committee.

Please note that we may not be able to comply with some of the requests due to financial reasons etc.
If there are any questions, please contact Ms. Oita or me (Goo Ishikawa) at ishikawa
ishikawa (at)

Goo Ishikawa
Chair, ITP Committee
Research Center for Integrative Mathematics