Mr Kogo Yoshikawa in University of Provence(Part I)

I would like to ask you to read this beginning part, which might be redundant introduction, but it helps you to understand why I happen to come and study mathematics here. I have lived in English-speaking countries for six years in total, and the purpose of every visit was to work there. Therefore, it is first time to experience difficulty in language communication and it is also my first experience studying abroad. Concerning studying abroad, I once tried to go to the USA. But I gave it up because of the financial problem even though I took GRE examination and my score was better than enough. That story dates back many years ago. I had forgotten I had a new chance to apply to study abroad. My dream has just come true, thanks to the program sponsored by ITP. It supports me a lot financially such as traveling and staying.

I would like to continue this introduction a little more. For me, this is my second time in France. Nineteen years ago when I was working in Africa, I visited Paris and south-eastern part of France for a three-week vacation which I was granted to take between continuous work. Therefore, this time, the situation is quite different. It is not a vacation any more. I have to study mathematics. I have an obligation to report what I have done, therefore this report will also be the one to be submitted to the ITP committee.

Stating here is the main part of the report. I would like to evaluate my stay in this laboratory. I will respond "Yes, perfectly", if someone asked me if I had a good time. I will respond "No, nothing", if someone asked me if I had any trouble. This laboratory, which is a part of CMI of University of Aix-Marseille, equips numbers of resourceful books in the library in the same building as bureaus of researchers and students. It also provides us high speed Internet access to us. Thanks to these perfect environments, it was quite easy for me to search books and to access information available. The following points deserve mentioning as the best among very good ones. The professor generously spends his important time for my questions and for my explanation to what extent I have understood. He has given me proper hints just fit to my skill. Without those, I might have missed key points or my understanding might have been only superficial.

So far I explained I had more than perfect external conditions available. The last hurdle remains whether I can take this opportunity. Fortunately, I have been able to maximize my chance. Suppose I evaluate by myself how well I have been doing, I will have the highest score in the evaluation. The evaluation is self-appraisal, but it is still perfect even after subtracting a bias caused by my own criteria. I would like to insert an interesting topic here. I am the only Japanese in CMI of University of Aix-Marseille, therefore I will be automatically the best of all Japanese student. For me, this situation worked as a merit rather than a demerit, this situation greatly helped me to brush my French conversation skill.

By the way, what is important is the improvement, in other words, the difference between when I arrived and when I depart. Apart from the time enjoying life in France, I have spent most of the time reading books. Even though it consumes a lot of time, I have not finished any of the books I started reading.. But I would like to mention one of the books I tackled. It is "controlabilite exacte perturbations et stabilisation de systeme distribues" by J.L.Lions. I am proud to say I have completely understood the first hundred pages. In its content, there are several variations of existence theorems. It seems to me that the essence is always consistent.

It is worth commenting on the length of my stay. It was set just three months only, which was also the maximum limit of legal stay in France without visa. I believe I took the best option. If I had tried to make my stay longer, I would have been exhausted before I concentrate on mathematics. I hear that I should need a lot of documents to apply for a student visa and also I should have to visit the French authority frequently to get residence permission. Though three months is short, shorter than I had expected, but it is good time to leave, it suffices taking everything into consideration such as the efficiency, time used for getting accustomed and extra work just mentioned above.

I will close this report by writing my gratitude to all people who supported me. I must thank Professor Yves Dermenjian of University of Aix-Marseille for earnestly giving me a lot of instructions. I must thank Professor Gen Nakamura of Hokkaido University for recommending me to go to France and for arranging my visit. I must thank those who organize ITP Program and excellent administrative staff of Hokkaido University. Without their support, I was able to do nothing.