Dr Daisuke Hirose in Michigan University (Part II)

[Ann Arbor in Fall]

At the first night in the US, I was surprised that the sun didn't set until 9 p.m.! This is a picture taken in my room at 8:30 p.m.

which was still bright. I think this is because the mainland of US has only 4 time zones. However it seems to have a time difference of more than 4 hours, at least on a world map. This means that there are different times of sunset in a time zone. That is my hypothesis, but I haven't managed to prove it yet.

Walking in the University, you can see a small and pretty animal, which seems a mascot of the University.

Regarding animals, Wolverines imply the citizens in Michigan, and is the official character of the American football team in this University. However I haven't seen them.

It had been quite warm through October. After that, it got cold, and leaves turned red. I attached a picture of autumn leaves.

In this fall, I faced some seasonal customs. Picking them, I will introduce them to you after reporting my trip.

[The Trip to Dearborn]

I went to Dearborn, which is a city near Detroit and a famous city where many Muslims live. This city has a museum called the Arab American National Museum. The trip is one of events organized by the International Center in University of Michigan. Members were Muslims except me. So the trip gave me a hard and significant experience. Followings are the pictures taken in the museum. There was a fountain at the center of the building and a high dome was over it.

As you might imagine, the museum deals with Muslim culture in the US. Furthermore, records on various daily life of Arab in the US are shown there. After we visited the museum, we had dinner together at a Muslim restaurant, where a tasty food and a tough discussion were.


In October, big pumpkins were on sale.

I saw many decorated pumpkins in front of houses. The picture is one of them.

October 31st was the Halloween in 2009. I saw peoples in various costumes. A ninja also walked on a street! By the way, I got a candy without saying "Trick or Treat" when I bought a sandwich at a fast food restaurant.

[Thanks giving day]

The thanks giving day is the last Thursday of November, which is the biggest public holiday in the US. All shops and companies were closed through the weekend. The management office of my apartment was also closed.

As USs' custom, every family eats a whole turkey. So did I but it was made from chocolate.

[My research in Fall]

Seminars in Fall 2009 started in the middle of September. I joined 5 seminars, which contain a colloquium in a week. At the seminars I could meet some mathematicians who I wanted to talk to. In particular, at a commutative algebra seminar, I saw Professor Karl Schwede, who recently wrote many papers in my research area, and talked to him about my interest. He gave me his paper which had not been on the Web then. A new remark was on it. I explain it roughly here: The paper dealt with a singularity of an ideal of a ring of a positive characteristic, which is a generalization of a similar type singularity of a ring itself. Such singularities defined by the Frobenius map. The paper said it was unclear that the singularity behaved well with respect to localizations.