Dr Yukiko Iwata in Pennsylvania State University, US

The Pennsylvania State University is located in the center of the PA. I came here on the 1st of October. The climate in this place is colder than Sapporo. From November to February, the mean temperature is -8 degrees. I had a cold in the beginning of my stay. Fortunately, American cold medicine “Tylenol” was very good for my cold. I became well soon. However people in this city are very strong for cold, then I always change the temperature setting of the air conditioner in my office and use my blanket.

Department of Mathematics at Penn. State

My office

Inside Department of Mathematics

We call our university “Penn. State”. There are only few Japanese in Penn. State. On the other hand, many Chinese and Korean people study here and there are many reasonable Chinese and Korean restaurants. This town is dominated economically and demographically by the presence of the main campus of Penn. State. We cannot walk to Walmart which is a kind of JUSCO because many roads do not have sidewalks. I always use CATA bus for shopping.

My most favorite place in Penn. State is HUB. HUB is a 4-story building with many restaurants, food shops, coffee shops, a big hall, a book store...and over 50 luxury sofas. Sometimes a speed-eating contest is held here. I often go to HUB to sit comfortably in a sofa drinking coffee or reading a college newspaper.


Dining hall in HUB

Inside HUB

Sofas in HUB

At the end of 2008, American people got excited at the presidential election and football games. After Halloween, the presidential election was held. Sara Palin and Bill Clinton came to the campus to make their speech. At the time, West College Ave. at which there is a big bus stop was suddenly closed and many students rallied and kept saying “Protest a rise in tuition!” Most of my friends were on the side of Barack Obama.

I usually go to my office at 7:00am and go back to my home at 8:30pm. My breakfast menu is an apple, jello and banana. My host Professor is Prof. Manfred Denker. Prof. Denker and I meet once or twice a week and I attend to the seminar of Dynamical system in Penn. State every Monday. I am interested in random dynamical systems and limit theorems for random dynamical systems. These systems include suspension flows and skew products. Recently the large deviation principle and the central limit theorem for expanding dynamical systems are considered. However results of limit theorems of random dynamical systems are not known so much. Prof. Denker is a specialist in limit theorems in the ergodic theory. He gives me valuable advice and espresso coffee. We sometimes have lunch together. Prof. Denker is a German, so he likes espresso very much. He introduced a good coffee bar to me. We always enjoy drinking coffee after our lunch. I enjoy studying here.