Mr Kota KASAI in New York University, US (Part1)

The place of my stay is NYC and I live in Harlem lying on the north of Manhattan. I commute to Courant Institute at NYU, which is located on the southern part of Manhattan and it takes about 30 minutes by a local train from my home. It has no campus like one in Japan and is fused to the city. The neighborhood is always filled with students and tourists. NYC has a dry climate so my throat hurts when I get up in the morning. A gargle and humidifier are necessity. I'll show you some pictures which were taken by my cell-phone's camera.

[The skating rink of Rockefeller Center]
In the previous day of the election day, all flags were changed into Stars and Stripes.

[St. Patrick's Cathedral]
It's very stately pile.
[Top of the Rock]
The observation deck of GE building in Rockefeller Center. You can see Empire State Building.
[soup dumpling and twice cooked pork]
They were excellent in taste and were large in quantity so I took out for my roommates.
[Brooklyn Bridge]
It took about 30 minutes for getting across. I regretted that it was cloudy day...
[The first speech after Obama was elected]
We listened to his speach in a front of the hair salon in Harlem.