Dr Kyoungsun Kim in University of Trieste, Italy

The place for my stay is a little city in Italy called Trieste. The origin of this name is “Terg” which means “market”. This is the northeastern city of the country and is located at the head of the Gulf of Trieste on the Adriatic sea. I arrived at 31th, August. So, I expected fall because this area has similar latitude with Hokkaido. But, the weather was very nice for last two month. Now, it looks to begin autumn. This city has little rain, which becomes one part of my favorite. My room is situated in historical building built in 1801 by architect Ottavio Fontana, just a few minutes’ walk from Unitá d'Italia square which is the center of this city and was built in 1879 by architect G. Bruni and renovated in 1999 by architect B. Huet. When I go to university, I take a bus for about 15 minutes. It is not too far. I love my place because it is near the sea so that I can see the sea easily whenever I want. To the famous Venezia (Venice is its English name), it takes 2 hours by train. I visited there once. As you know, Venezia is famous as the city of water. It was very beautiful city and I want to visit again. That was the very exciting experience.

Adriatic Sea

Unitá d'Italia

Roman Theatre

Water Road in Venezia

Piazza San Marco in Venezia

I am visiting Universitá degli Studi di Triete (University of Trieste). I discussed with professor Giovanni Alessandrini. We meet almost once a week. Here, I am learning his method used in stability issue for Calderón's inverse conductivity problem, also known as Electrical Impedance Tomography. My concern for inverse problem is a reconstruction of a coefficient called conductivity. Stability is of the continuous dependance of the unknown conductivity from Dirichlet-to-Neumann or Neumann-to-Dirichlet data. In practice, the data will be given with errors and this makes the great importance to study stability for the reliability of any reconstruction procedure. During my stay, I had a chance to visit Radon Institute for Computa tional and Applied Mathematics(RICAM) in Linz, Austria. The conference was about “Inverse and Partial Information Problem”. It became good chance to meet many researcher from various country in Europe. I saw Donau river there. Maybe you have met this name in a famous waltz written by Johann Strauss.

University of Trieste

My desk

Lunch in University


Donau River

Finally, I would like to thank professor Giovanni Alessandrini for his kind instruction and consideration during my stay. And I also wish to give my thanks to ITP committee and professor Gen Nakamura for giving me this great chance even though I am not a Japanese.