Dr Ginmo J. Chung in Nanyang Technologial University, Singapore

It's been hot and muggy since I arrived in Singapore, day and night, night and day. My ITP host institute is Nanyang Technological University (南洋理工大学) in Singapore.

Nanyang Arch in front of Yunan Park

Nanyang Lake

Singapore(新加坡) is an island country located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It's is very near the equator: approx. 137 km north of the equator! Due to its geological location, Singapore exhibits tropical rainforest climate; nearly uniform temperature, frequent rainfalls, high humidity, and monsoon season. So people, like me, who are not used to such climate, might need some time adapting to its weather. Lots of festivals and celebrations are going on during this month; Mid Autumn Festival in Chinatown and the Indian New Year happening. For those who love F1 car racing, Singapore is hosting the first night race ever. The city has been gearing up for one of the biggest events in its history.

Chinatown celebrating The Mid Autumn Festival

Sri Mariamman Temple

Yunnan Garden


The Fullerton Hotel

Chinese Heritage Center

Moving to local food, though Singapore may be a small country, it is well known for its range of ethnic food available and the best part is, it's cheap! There are typical SG$ 3 rice/noodles & meat meals everywhere, boba milk tea, fresh fruit juices, Chinese food, Indian food, and much much more. It is an example of diversity and cultural diffusion in Singapore. Many locals dine out at Hawker centers. It is basically an open market full of different vendors selling anything from hot food to veggies to whatever else. They are typically found near apartment complexes or transport hubs such as bus interchange or train stations. Another dining option would be food courts. Food courts are usually found in shopping malls, and are air-conditioned and thus more expensive. But the choice of food is more cosmopolitan, with some food courts even offering Italian, Japanese and Korean cuisine all in the same place.

Veggie dumpling soup

Dragon fruit cut in half


Speaking of the school history, it was established in 1955 under the name of Nanyang Univeristy. It was the first Chinese-language university outside of China. The division of Mathematics was established in 2005 and moved to its new building in May 2008; it is a nearly brand-new department.

Physical & Mathematical Science Building

Physical & Mathematical Science Building

The image processing group at NTU is quite active in research. They hold weekly seminar and group discussion meeting. They have 4 academic faculties, 7 to 8 postdocs and 5 to 6 graduate students. I presented two papers during their group meeting and I am scheduled to give an hour talk in October.

NTU image processing group

As for my research activities at NTU, Prof. Xue-Cheng Tai, my host at Nanyang, and me are discussing about computing the length and curvature from a piecewise constant level set function. He and his collaborators recently proposed piecewise constant level set methods (PCLSM). There are two variants of the PCLSM; the first variant, which they call the binary level set method, needs a level set function which only takes values +1 and -1 to identify the regions. The second variant only needs to use one piecewise constant level set function to identify arbitrary number of regions.

My office

Lakeview from my balcony