Dr Hisaaki Kawamura in University of Grenoble I, France

[Part I. – 11/06/2008 – ]

It's been a month since I arrived in Grenoble in the evening of 10th May 2008. Grenoble is located in the southeast of France (about 100 kilometers southeast of Lyon) and is famous for the X Olympic Winter Games in 1968. The climate in May is comfortable for me. Usually the temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius. Since this area is the basin surrounded by high mountains, the weather here is changeable. But short rains wash dusts and bring cool and fresh air. On a sunny day, I really enjoy excellent views of mountains under the bright blue sky.

View from parking lot of the flat

Rainbow across the Fort de la Bastille

The tram stop near the institute

Lunch after an excursion

Institute Joseph Fourier in Grenoble I is an active research institution for mathematics and there are many staff members who are active in various fields. I discussed mainly with Professor Alexei Pantchichkine. It's been so exciting to study a lot of things related to modular forms of several variables.

Institute J. Fourier


I am now researching on Siegel modular forms of higher genus, especially on Siegel Eisenstein series, Ikeda lifts and Miyawaki lifts of elliptic modular forms. Recently, such a kind of research objects is getting more popular among many people in the world since it is expected to be a rich source of applications towards some interesting topics in arithmetic geometry, automorphic representation theory and so on. I discuss with Professor Alexei Pantchichkine, Franchesco Chiera and Kirill Vankov about special values of some L-functions attached to Miyawaki lifts from various points of view. In addition, I've been attending the Number Theory Seminar in the institute. In particular, I gave a talk on my previous work, which was done jointly with Professor Hidenori Katsurada on 22nd May. I'm very grateful because there are many opportunities to hear interesting talks here. Furthermore, Professor Siegfried Boecherer came here today and he would stay here for a month. I hope our research activities must become more exciting by his participation.

My dirty desk

I am renting a flat near the institute. It is just a ten-minute walk from the institute and a three-minute walk from the nearest tram stop "Condillac-Universié". So it is quite convenient for me to stay. In addition, the room is fully furnished with an electric oven, microwave, refrigerator, sofa bed, tables and chairs. With these good kitchen facilities, I enjoy cooking almost everyday. Tap water is very clean and the food is delicious. In particular, cheese, potatoes and onions are wonderful. Then I think there is no problem for Japanese like me to stay in Grenoble. I often enjoy swimming in the indoor pool of the residence after dinner in order to burn calories.



Grilled Salmon with Mustard sauce

Tuna Steak with boiled vegetables

As I mentioned before, Grenoble is well-known for the Olympic Winter Games in 1968, which was held prior to the Winter Games in Sapporo. When I go to the city central, I can see some facilities from that time. There are also lots of historical buildings typified by the Fort de la Bastille, which was built in 16th century. Such an odor of antiquity is interesting and my feelings for France glow stronger. I myself was very pleased that I could visit the birthplaces of Stendhal, who wrote “the Red and the Black ”, and my favorite painter Henri Fantin-Latour.

Monument of the Olympic Winter Games

The Isere river

View of the center of the city

Mt. Belledonne