Dr Hisaaki Kawamura in University of Grenoble I, France

[Part III. – 06/08/2008 – ]

The three months has passed and I am now writing the final report about my short stay in Grenoble. In July and August, Grenoble is at the height of summer and it's getting hotter and hotter. Temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius. In this season, many people go on a vacation. Hence there are only a few staff members in the institute. Moreover, the restaurant of the institute has been closed so I often cook my lunch as well as dinner.

Seared beef with onion

Pommes de terre a la lyonnaise

From 6th July 2008 to 12th July 2008, Professor Alexei, Franchesco and I participated the conference “Codes, Invariants and Modular forms” which is held at the Max-Planck Institute of Mathematik in Bonn, Germany. The Max-Planck Institute for Mathematik is an active research institution and there are many staff members who are active in various fields in mathematics. The conference was very exciting to study some applications of modular forms to the coding theory which I don't know in detail. I also enjoyed discussing with Bernhard Heim, Nils-Peter Skoruppa and Shuichi Hayashida about a lot of things related to Siegel modular forms and Jacobi forms of higher genus. The city Bonn was the capital of the former West Germany, and it is also famous for the birthplace of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Since a large concentration of city functions is found on the center of the city, it is convenient for me to stay there. The food is very good, and I enjoyed eating the Brutwurst and drinking the Bonnesche.

The entrance of the MPIM

The beer “Bonnesche”

The Bonn Station

After we came back to Grenoble, I studied about a certain congruence of Ikeda lifts towards some construction of p-adic families of Siegel modular forms and some p-adic L-functions. I found some numerical evidences of the congruence of Fourier coefficients of Ikeda lifts modulo a prime power. I wish it would conduce something interesting concerning some p-adic families of Siegel modular forms of higher genus.

I went to Paris on a weekend just before I go back to Japan. I visited Musée du Louvre, Musée d'Orsay and Musée Nationale d'Art Moderne. These are the three major museums in France. I saw the famous Venus de Milo and other famous paintings such as Vermeer.

Arc de Triomphe

Musée du Louvre

The Seine
My stay in Grenoble has been a good experience for me and everything is wonderful. Finally, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the ITP and everyone concerned. In particular, I would also like to thank Professor Alexei Pantchichkine and his wife Marina most warmly for their very kind hospitality during my stay in Grenoble.