GINDER, Elliott

GINDER, Elliott
Assistant Professor
Research Institute for Electronic Science
Research Interest
Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations
Research Activities

Research focus is on using variational techniques to investigate,
both analytically and numerically, solutions to nonlinear partial
differential equations. The target problems often include constraints
and involve the presence of free boundaries, for which we use
minimizing movements to analyze and compute solutions. Applications
of our research include simulating droplet and bubble motions, as well
as in developing numerical methods.

E. Ginder, K. Svadlenka. A variational approach to a constrained
hyperbolic free boundary problem. Nonlinear Analysis, 71 (2009),

E. Ginder. Construction of solutions to heat-type problems with
time-dependent volume con- straints. Advances in Mathematical Sciences
and Applications, 20 No. 2 (2010), 467-482.

E. Ginder, S. Omata, K. Svadlenka. A variational method for
diffusion-generated area-preserving interface motion. Theoretical and
Applied Mechanics Japan, 60 (2011), 265-270.

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