AKIYAMA, Masakazu

AKIYAMA, Masakazu
Assistant Professor
Research Institute for Electronic Science
Research Interest
Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Biology, Numerical Calculation
Research Activities
  • A mathematical model of cleavage
  • Mathematical analysis of Physarum
  • A mathematical model of planar cell polarity
  • A mathematical study of cell division model
  • Mathematical analysis of gait transitions in quadrupeds.
  • A mathematical model for locomotion of the amoeba cell.
  • A mathematical model of rivers
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2. Takuya Umedachi, Masakazu Akiyama, Atsushi Tero, and Akio Ishiguro. “Simulation of a Soft-bodied Fluid-driven Amoeboid Robot That Exploits Thixotropic Flow”, 2011 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2011), pp. 5123-5128, May, 2011.
3. D. Owaki, T. Kano, A. Tero, M. Akiyama, A. Ishiguro “Minimalist CPG Model for Inter- and Intra-limb Coordination in Bipedal Locomotion”,
The 12th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems, F1A-S. 5, (2012. 6. 29)

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